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>  --- Satu S Hlinovsky <skanervi at cc.helsinki.fi> skrev: > I
> don't know how I feel about Rebecca's theory on why so
> > many of us
> > listees dislike Jordan. Here in Finland they are not, by
> > the way, found
> > next to one another, because JWJ is considered children's
> > fantasy and
> > JOrdan is considered 'adult' stuff...
> That's the same over here in Sweden.

Here (the UK, or at least my part of it), it's rather random and depends on
what mood whoever shelves the books is in.

> > The main reason for my dislike of his works is that when
> > I tried reading
> > some of his books I was bored stiff! How can anybody so
> > boring sell enough
> > to write such loooong series?
> Well, well, hard to say. Some ppl most like his book. Me
> for example. But I've turned bored of them as well. It was
> just for a little time I was crazy about them, couple of
> years ago. Same as with David Eddings's books, even a
> longer time back, whenever it was, in the beginning of 90's
> somewhere.

Aargh.  I did that.  I went out and bought loads of Eddings's books (all 10
books of his first two series, 2 of the 3 prequels and his latest book, The
Redemption of Althalus) and now I can't stand them.    What a fool I am...

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