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> >> Robert Jordan
> >
> >Why? Well, I admit the seri is loooooong and it's not fun
> >waiting in between the books... You get tired of him just
> >by waiting...
> Doing a poll of the list, about 18 months ago, I found that nearly half
> list at that time hated Jordan...  I can give my own hypothesis to this,
> although I don't know how well it carries internationally, but in the U.S.
> at least, Jordan is always right after DWJ, so you know they don't have
> that book that you've been craving and looking for biweekly when you get
> Jordan.  It breeds this hideous dislike for him.

I've developed a certain dislike for Buffy and Star Trek TV-tie in books,
since they are often on the shelves in the smaller branches of WH Smiths
when Doctor Who novels aren't. Grr. (And there's actually someone else who's
read Lance Parkin's books on the list! Hooray!)

Caleb W.

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