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> Kyla wrote:
> > I believe <whoever it was--Philip?> was referring to the rather nasty,
> > unpleasant view of God (or "God," possibly) put forth by
> > Pullman, with the
> enslaving/lying/other-things-I-can't-remember-since-it's-been-
> > 9-months-since-I-read-the-books actions He does. It made me feel quite
> ooky.
> I read it as being God- not being a beliver, this didn't bother me- but I
> have since read a reviewer who thought "The Authority" was Satan, who had
> managed to overthrow God at the beginning, and Will and Lyra were putting
> things to rights- the reviewer was saying how morally satisfying the books
> were to a Christian! I haven't reread the books since I saw this, so I'm
> sure how convinced I am.
> Jennifer

I suppose you could twist things around a bit to interpret it like that -
the Authority is much more like Satan than God, but IMO, he is clearly
intended by Pullman to be God.

Caleb W.

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