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Fri Mar 15 15:09:41 EST 2002

By "twisted christianity" I mean the christianity of the so-called "church",
the often corrupt human socio-religo-political entity that has probably done
some of the worst damage to Christianity. Pullman has a very good
understanding of it and justly attacks and criticises it. The trouble is,
this is the only Christianity we see in the books - there is not the real
Christianity that is a personal relationship with a loving and holy God who
died and came back to life to offer forgiveness and eternal life to all who
believe. The "church" is attacked as being oppresive, and rightly so, but
this is because it is a twisted christianity. I find it very sad as a
Christian that this seems to be the only christianity that Philip Pullman
seems to have experienced, as far as I can see from the worldview he so
kindly bludgeons us over the head with in the books (especially later on in
the trilogy).

It's also sad that once his books come in the radar of the Ban Harry Potter
Brigade, these people will probably whinge about the books rather than
showing people the outworking of real Christianity. If (hopefully when) I
become a professional author, I would love to write an epic that even comes
close to "His Dark Materials" in quality, but with a Christian worldview (I
can but dream!).

Excellent books, a pity that Philip Pullman's views are unbalanced.

Caleb W.

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