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Robyn said...
> I think there may be a distinction between feeling ooky and not
> christian in outlook, which was more my question. There was a lot
about the
> books that I found disturbing (the bit where Lyra nearly gets
> from her daemon really creeped me out); but I think that was one of
> strengths of the books, rather than the opposite. Without the
> elements they wouldn't have been nearly as effective.

I agree.  I think that's one of Pullman's big strengths as a writer;
he drops in setting and important info with such skill that the reader
internalises it all very easily (and he never infodumps, which is a
Good Thing), so when something like the separation of Lyra and her
daemon comes up, I was squirming, just like he intended, without him
having to stop and tell me to squirm, so to speak.  I need to learn
how to do that.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

Dorian E. Gray
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"Where-e'er you find 'the cooling western breeze,'
In the next line, it 'whispers through the trees':
If crystal streams 'with pleasing murmurs creep,'
The reader's threaten'd (not in vain) with 'sleep'"
-Alexander Pope, "Essay on Criticism"

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