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Anita said...
> Why not start with The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, which is the
first of the
> series, but rather different in tone from the rest or Black Hearts
> Battersea which is the second and in which we meet Dido Twite who
> in most of the other books.

Well, I suggested starting where I did because (a) I started on "The
Cuckoo Tree" and it hooked me, and (b) I always feel that "The Wolves
of Willoughby Chase" is more of a "girls' book" than many of the
others, and might put a boy off.  I apologise if I'm being sexist, but
that's the feeling I had.

I hasten to add that there's adventure galore in WWC, and a very cool
villainess!  It's also important because it's where Simon first
appears, who becomes rather important in the next book and
> The full series is:
> The Wolves of Willoughby Chase
> Black Hearts in Battersea
> Nightbirds on Nantucket
> The Stolen Lake
> The Whispering Mountain (not part of the main stream of the story,
but takes
> place just before ...)
> The Cuckoo Tree
> Dido and Pa
> Is (or Is Underground)
> Cold Shoulder Road
> Limbo Lodge (I think this takes place after the Stolen Lake, but was
> published later)

Can't be bothered going and checking my copy, but I *think* "Limbo
Lodge" takes place between "Night Birds" and "The Cuckoo Tree".

Jennifer remarked...

> > Or "Midnight Is A Place", which is set in another world, I think,
> > without magic, and is very good.

Yes, it is, as is "The Shadow Guests", a modern-day fantasy/ghost

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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