Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Fri Mar 15 12:14:15 EST 2002

>>>Philip Pullman (although I disagree with his worldview, since he has an
>>>excellent grasp of twisted "christianity" but seems to have no concept of
>>>the real thing),
>>Wow.  You have no idea how impressed I am by that succinct 
>>description of your reaction to PP.
>I don't really want to get into a major religious debate, but it 
>seemed to me that Pullman's world view was quite similar to that of 
>the authors he borrowed from so heavily - Blake and Milton, and I 
>don't see how either of them is "twisted" christianity. I had a 
>fairly christian education (broadened by extensive study of medieval 
>literature), and I'm puzzled by what is meant by this comment. Can 
>someone elucidate?

I won't even try to answer this completely, as the comment wasn't 
mine.  I freely admit to being fairly ignorant about Blake and 
Milton, but do have to wonder if it's possible to have a world view 
similar to both.  Milton, afaik, was a devout, "traditional" 
Christian, and Paradise Lost was a straight retelling of the story of 
the Fall.  I think it was from about 1800 on, and in the Romantic 
period that some people began to see a different possible reading of 
PL, in which God was a tyrannical figure, and so Satan was the hero 
for rebelling against this tyranny.

Blake - well, I'd hate to have to describe his views in one sentence, 
even if I knew more about them, but it was my understanding that he 
was one of those who believed in this reinterpretation of the story 
of the Fall.

As I said, this is just my understanding.  And some more posts have 
come in which explain Pullman's views more anyway.


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