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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Fri Mar 15 12:15:55 EST 2002


>How 'bout _some_ of the Willis non-comedies (Doomsday Book, Passage)
>Patricia Wrede's Dragon books, the whole Faerie Tale series (edited by
>Terri Windling), some Pamela Dean (I really like Juiper, Gentian and
>Rosemary, but that's a controversy around here), de Lint!  Grrr.  I love de
>Lint!  Neil Gaiman, some Orson Scott Card (ender's Game!)... I like Tamora
>Pierce, and most of the list agrees with me, but I don't really consider
>her a must-read.

:)  I'm back on the not-with-most-of-the-list side again.  But I'm 
not disagreeing about Pierce now, just wondering if you really think 
it's a likely choice for a 15-yo guy?  Oh good - now you can pounce 
on me for being sexist as well as having stupid reading tastes. ;-)


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