Ania theania at freeuk.com
Fri Mar 15 11:16:13 EST 2002

. Plus, there was all the wacky
> stuff about virginity and innocence and...basically, I really loved these
> books and was hugely impressed by them, until my other sci-fi discussion
> list brought up all sorts of interesting points/problems which I hadn't
> considered. And then I felt ooky.
What's 'ooky'?
I heard Pullman on the radio and he said that His Dark Materials is about
the loss of innocence/growing up, but that his take on it is that it (the
loss) is not a bad thing, but quite the opposite, a good and positive one.
This is not the judeo-christian view; here, the loss of innocence was Bad,
because God told us not to. It does beg the question why he did that.

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