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Pullman wrote a very controversial article in "The Horn Book" where he 
describes his conception of the "Republic of Heaven" as distinct from the 
"Kingdom of Heaven". He very clearly states his disdain for the theology of 
Lewis' "Narnia" books. I've read the article a couple of times and need to 
go back again. I found it refreshing to read an article from someone whose 
writing I loved and who was willing to take on one of the "gospels" of 
children's lit to open up debate.


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>Kyla wrote:
> > I believe <whoever it was--Philip?> was referring to the rather nasty,
> > unpleasant view of God (or "God," possibly) put forth by
> > Pullman, with the
> > 9-months-since-I-read-the-books actions He does. It made me feel quite
>I read it as being God- not being a beliver, this didn't bother me- but I
>have since read a reviewer who thought "The Authority" was Satan, who had
>managed to overthrow God at the beginning, and Will and Lyra were putting
>things to rights- the reviewer was saying how morally satisfying the books
>were to a Christian! I haven't reread the books since I saw this, so I'm 
>sure how convinced I am.
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