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Fri Mar 15 08:11:57 EST 2002

 --- Ania <theania at> skrev: > Sticking to the
fantasy stuff, and in no particular
> order...
> DWJ (naturally)
> Philip Pullman
> Julian May (do reread it, whoever was thinking about it!)

I haven't read any... another one to add to my list...

> Angela Carter (She's 'proper' lit, but her stuff is
> largely fantasy)

And A.C as well...

> Katherine Kerr

A great seri, I agree, but I've trouble waiting in between
the books... Oh, once I read a SF kind of, written by her,
quite different from the other books I've read written by
her (The Deverry seri). She wrote it together with a Mark
Kreighbaum. Anyone reckon his namne? Read anything else by
Anyway, the book was called "Pallace".

> Neil Gaiman

Ah, yes, I do agree. The Sandman seri is superb. I wasn't
that fond of "Stardust" even though it was good writing...
But it was good enough for me to buy the paper back
version... but I do like his short stories, those ones
collected in "Smoke and Mirrors". I haven't read American
Gods yet; it's on my to-read-list.

> Astrid Lindgren
> Tove Jansson

These authors are really great, I do agree. Were, that
is... Unfortunately, both are dead. 

> And one or two 'most detested/unreadable'
> (This time in order!)
> Stephen Donaldson

Well, I've heard some rumours about his way of writing, but
actually, I've also heard they are better in Swedish... The
translator took away some of the strangest

> Stephen Lawhead

Haven't heard of him...

> Robert Jordan

Why? Well, I admit the seri is loooooong and it's not fun
waiting in between the books... You get tired of him just
by waiting...

> This is it so far,
> Ania


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