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Fri Mar 15 07:37:20 EST 2002

Melissa wrote:

> >Did anyone read _Possession_ by A.S. Byatt?  _The Biographer's Tale_ is
> >another book she wrote recently.  It's about a guy who decides to write a
> >biography of the ultimate biographer.  Overall I'm afraid I had the same
> >lukewarm reaction as I did to _Possession_,

Robyn replied:

> WHAT!!! Melissa, say it isn't so. We agree on so many books, I am shocked.
> Possession is my all-time favourite novel, although I don't like her other
> books to nearly the same extreme.
> I thought the Biographer's Tale started really well, but then it couldn't
> figure out where it wanted to go.

I haven't read _The Biographer's Tale_ but I was very impressed with
_Possession_. I did think it tended to be somewhat pretentious and
unnecessarily complicated at times, but reading it was an emotional
experience for me--it has proved to be truly unforgettable.


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