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catherine wright crachelwright at
Fri Mar 15 06:40:21 EST 2002

 --- Melissa Proffitt <Melissa at> wrote: >
Did anyone read _Possession_ by A.S. Byatt?  _The
> Biographer's Tale_ is
> another book she wrote recently.  It's about a guy
> who decides to write a
> biography of the ultimate biographer.  Overall I'm
> afraid I had the same
> lukewarm reaction as I did to _Possession_, but
> there are bits and pieces
> that are just superb.  

I like Byatt... she tunes into my
pretentious-historian side. I once stayed up all night
to finish _Possession_... I did like the parts in _The
Biographer's Tale_ about how dreadful lit. theory
classes can be, but I thought the ending was a bit
sappy, and I dislike some of Byatt's descriptions of
women.  However, months after reading it the images of
mosaic tiles are lodged firmly in my brain...


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