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Dorian E. Gray israfel at
Thu Mar 14 17:59:03 EST 2002

Caleb explained...
> Having narrowly escaped a school inter-house rugby tournament
yesterday, I
> can be fairly definitive on the pronounciation of "Hywel" since that
is my
> house. It's said "Hu-WELL", although "Howell" is an anglicisation,
and there
> is also North Walian and South Walian dialects which are different
(I speak
> the Northern version).

Well.  I was assuming the stress came on the first syllable.  Thank
you for the correction, Caleb.

Now, can anyone tell my *why* the stress is on the second syllable?

Until the sky falls on our heads...

Dorian. (very curious)
Dorian E. Gray
israfel at

"Where-e'er you find 'the cooling western breeze,'
In the next line, it 'whispers through the trees':
If crystal streams 'with pleasing murmurs creep,'
The reader's threaten'd (not in vain) with 'sleep'"
-Alexander Pope, "Essay on Criticism"

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