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Caleb asked...
> I need to branch out a bit in my reading habits, since I've almost
caught up
> with all of these and need to find some more "must read" authors.
> suggestions?

Read Barbara Hambly.  AFAIK, the Darwath Trilogy is still in print,
and a fine place to start.  But all of her books are good...if you
like historical dark fantasy, track down "Those Who Hunt The Night"
and "Travelling With The Dead" - excellent non-cliched vampire stories
set in Edwardian England/Europe.

Mercedes Lackey is patchy, but the Vanyel trilogy ("Magic's Pawn",
"Magic's Promise" and "Magic's Price") is damn' good high fantasy, and
the first two Di Tregarde books ("Children of the Night" and "Burning
Water") are great urban fantasy.  Ignore "Jinx High" though; it's

Tanya Huff writes good urban fantasy (with vampires!) too, and Robin
McKinley's "The Hero and the Crown" is fun "medium-fantasy".

Joan Aiken's historical fantasies are aimed at kids and a damn' good
read..."The Cuckoo Tree" might be a good place to start, or maybe
"Night Birds on Nantucket".  Actually, they're more alternate history
than fantasy, but a rollicking good read for all that.

A few suggestions...

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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