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Thu Mar 14 16:56:30 EST 2002


>I don't buy that many books, living around three-quarters on an hour away
>from a decent bookshop, so I get the bulk from the library or Red Cross
>Shop. These are ones that I'd probably make a point of buying (in no
>particular order):
>Diana Wynne Jones,
>Terry Pratchett,
>Douglas Adams,
>Lance Parkin (specifically his Doctor Who novels - some of the best in the
>DW series),
>Philip Pullman (although I disagree with his worldview, since he has an
>excellent grasp of twisted "christianity" but seems to have no concept of
>the real thing),

Wow.  You have no idea how impressed I am by that succinct 
description of your reaction to PP.

>Jostein Gaardner.
>I need to branch out a bit in my reading habits, since I've almost caught up
>with all of these and need to find some more "must read" authors. Any

Connie Willis - the comedies?   _To Say Nothing of the Dog_ is a huge 
favourite of ours, and unless you've read P.G. Wodehouse or _Three 
Men in a Boat_ and disliked them you might like it too.

_Bridge of Birds_ by Barry Hughart - might be another possibility.

That's not many books, unfortunately, but blanking out for the moment.


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