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> I challenge you.  A virtual first ed of the DWJ of your choice to the
> first person to provide the correct pronunciation of Grainne.  Ania
> and Hallie may not play, but get virtual copies of "The Hounds of the
> Morrigan" as consolation prizes. :-)

 I really liked that book when I first read it, although that was ages and
ages ago and I haven't got round to re-reading it (hastily covering himself
in case it isn't really that good). Although the memory wipe really annoyed
me - it's a pet hate of mine. One book I read, "Strange Powers" or something
similar, had a memory wipe and recovery at the end very similar to that in
the end of "Deep Secret", and also mentions DWJ at an earlier point.
Coincidence? Hmm...

Caleb W.

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