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> Sallyo said...
> >
> > Sounds like the skedule/ shed-ule debate! And the Feb-rue-erry /
> Feb - u -
> > arry / Febry controversy... er conTROVersy or is that CON-trov-ersy.
> FWIW (2 EuroCents, I suppose), I say SHED-yule (because I speak
> German, mainly), FEB-ru-arry (because that's how it's spelt), and
> CON-trov-ersy.  Now you know. :-)
> > And how *does* one say Howell? How-well?  Howl? (Oblig. DWJ ref.)
> I say HOW-ell (with a very short, almost schwa, second vowel).  But
> I'm not Welsh, so what do I know?

Having narrowly escaped a school inter-house rugby tournament yesterday, I
can be fairly definitive on the pronounciation of "Hywel" since that is my
house. It's said "Hu-WELL", although "Howell" is an anglicisation, and there
is also North Walian and South Walian dialects which are different (I speak
the Northern version).

Caleb W.

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