revered authors

Caleb W SCWoody423 at
Thu Mar 14 12:55:43 EST 2002

I don't buy that many books, living around three-quarters on an hour away
from a decent bookshop, so I get the bulk from the library or Red Cross
Shop. These are ones that I'd probably make a point of buying (in no
particular order):

Diana Wynne Jones,
Terry Pratchett,
Douglas Adams,
Lance Parkin (specifically his Doctor Who novels - some of the best in the
DW series),
Philip Pullman (although I disagree with his worldview, since he has an
excellent grasp of twisted "christianity" but seems to have no concept of
the real thing),
Jostein Gaardner.

I need to branch out a bit in my reading habits, since I've almost caught up
with all of these and need to find some more "must read" authors. Any

Caleb W.

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