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> Uh-oh, another Ania's pet hate alert!
> > I've known several "Salli"s. Sometimes the i has a little circle or
> > over it!
> >
> > Anita
> I really hate the spelling of names like Nicky, Vicky, Becky as Nikki,
> Vikki, Beki etc. Yuck. (I hope I haven't offended anyone on the list. I
> a good friend called Beki. Really)
> Ania

Interestingly, my sister is called Becky and the spelling of her name came
up recently. The more Welsh version would be "Becci", there being no "k" in
Welsh and "y" has a different sound. Although Becky's "proper" name in
Rebekah, which has a "k" anyway, so the spelling "Becky" stays.

Caleb W.

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