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Oops, I just sent a message that was just the text of this one without my
reply.  Duh.

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>Thank you  for your opinions and help.
>As nobody seems to know the bird book, I assume it was a German one (yes, I do
>believe you're so well read...) which limits the search a bit.
>Topsy Turvy rings a bell, this is probably the film. And thanks, Melissa, it's
>T.A. Barron. S. Barron wrote (as I found out in the library) some crime novels
>in which Jane Austen is the detective - they were all checked out, btw.

I've read the second and the sixth of those books.  They are fairly
interesting, good enough to try, anyway.  The author uses Jane Austen's life
and writes mysteries set in the places she lived at various times.  One
thing I liked that might not be to everyone's taste is that the author uses
footnotes that explain certain aspects of life in that time period.  I
learned some things that I had never really known the definition of--like
what those card games they play are; you can figure it out from the context
of the novels, but this was more specific.  I *think* it matters what order
you read them in, since there are references to characters from earlier
books in the series, but that means the only danger is from spoilers, not

Melissa Proffitt
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