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catherine wright crachelwright at
Thu Mar 14 10:21:15 EST 2002

 --- Kyla Tornheim <kyla at> wrote: >
> Is sweater also used in
> England? I'd always
> thought jumper was the British term.

I think they're pretty much interchangeable at the
moment - though to me, a 'sweatshirt' is made of that
fleecy cotton material, a 'jumper' is knitted, and a
'jersey' is a knitted jumper from one of the Channel

> (Question: people who use the term "jumper" to refer
> to those warm wooly
> tops one wears in the winter: what do you call a
> skirt with an apron top,
> or a sleeveless dress with really big armholes such
> that you need to wear
> another shirt under it?)

A pinafore. Or pinny, like Mrs Tiggywinkle.
Or an apron dress, I suppose...


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