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Thu Mar 14 10:10:39 EST 2002

On Thu, 14 Mar 2002, Jenny Holmstrom wrote:

> Talking about translations, I remembered something I've wondered about. Books
> written and originally published in GB, are they "translated" before they are
> published in the US? I've noticed the books I've read by DWJ coming from the US
> have the American spelling/words etc, and the books from GB have not.
Well, I just reread Deep Secret, which I got from the library. I believe
it's an American version, because, hey, American library, but I do
remember that Rupert called Janine's abominable tops "jumpers." OTOH,
Maree called them sweaters. Is sweater also used in England? I'd always
thought jumper was the British term.

(Question: people who use the term "jumper" to refer to those warm wooly
tops one wears in the winter: what do you call a skirt with an apron top,
or a sleeveless dress with really big armholes such that you need to wear
another shirt under it?)

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