Re LOTR totally OT spoilers

catherine wright crachelwright at
Thu Mar 14 05:45:20 EST 2002

 --- Ven <vendersleighc at> wrote: > > I think
they will have to grow up a bit as they
> get involved in far grimmer stuff. 

Yes - this happens in the book too - Merry and Pippin
are younger than both Sam and Frodo (much younger than
Frodo) and must still be at the latter end of their
tweens (is that what Tolkien calls it? I think so, but
mind is fuddled by endless data entry involving the
Tweenies programmes) and the events of the book are, I
think, very much a coming-of-age passage rite for them
(I think they both mature when they are carted off by
the Orcs at the end of FOTR, and during subsequent
events - must be something to do with Entdraughts...).


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