locking the archives, I guess

Venkarel venkarel.geo at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 14 02:29:36 EST 2002

--- deborah <deborah at suberic.net> wrote:
> Several people (myself included) have expressed that
> it's a cool
> thing to have searchable archives, but nobody has
> expressed
> strong feelings in favor.  On the other hand, a few
> people *have*
> expressed strong feelings saying we should lock the
> archives, or
> make them non searchable.

Actually I'd love to have the archives searchable,
just not indexed by Google or Altavista or the like. 
Having spent a long time reading through the archives,
I would find a tidbit about something or other, think
it was really cool, and then not be able to find it
again later when I wanted to reference it.  (Subject
headers do not always agree with contents, which is
fine for ML mail, but frustrating when it's archived.)

> I think I'll probably just make it so search engines
> don't index
> them (I don't think we really *want* to keep out dwj
> fans who
> come to the site looking for the list), so unless
> someone s
> yells "dear me NO!" I'll probably do that in the
> next week or
> two.  I might leave the pages with subject lines
> indexable, but
> not the messages themselves.  That is, someone
> searching
> for "Harry Potter" might find a page of links to
> messages with
> the subject (or author!) Harry Potter, but wouldn't
> find, say,
> this message I'm writing now.  Which would probably
> deal with
> most people's security concerns.  Let me know if I'm
> wrong!

I think that's a great compromise. 

(who also notes that occasionally, that Google will
index one message, but actually link to another--were
they renumbered or something?)

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