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Ven vendersleighc at
Wed Mar 13 20:02:46 EST 2002

Hallie wrote

No, Georgia is completely correct about the 
safety guidance on this - 
although things may be different in some 
countries, of course.  Most 
of the offspring whose names have been given are 
far too old to be at 
all endangered this way (and Ania's son may be 
doubly protected by 
her opinion of what children are like <g>).  But 
having names, ages, 
Mummy's and/or Daddy's name, town or city of 
dwelling, name of pets, 
even physical descriptions in some cases, 
together on publically 
accessible sites would not be recommended.

I still feel that it would be far preferable to 
have the archives 
only searchable to members.

I do quite see your point, Hallie. However as
this sort of information can be found out by
anyone determined enough and a smooth talking
conman would be able to extract it from a child
whilst appearing to know it already, I've heard
that some parents teach their children a code
word/phrase that can be used to let them know
that a strange adult really has been sent to pick
them up from school or whatever. This is, of
course, very paranoid thinking but maybe
neccessary all the same.

It reminds me of something that happenened when I
was about 12/13. Mum worked a couple of days a
week so I used to let myself in when I got back
from school. This particular day there were a
couple of complete strangers sitting on the step
outside the front door -- a woman and a little
girl. The woman jumps and greets me, by name,
very enthusiastically. "Um hello." I said.
"Where's your Mum, aren't you going to let us
in?" For the first time I see the suitcase. "Come
on, I'm dying for a cup of tea and Francis needs
the loo." I'm squirming with embarrassment. Who
on earth is this woman, how does she know me and
my Mum? Have I forgotten something I was told
about? Did they forget to tell me? I don't really
want to let her in but she isn't giving me much
choice. And once she's in she's taking over in
the kitchen and giving me orders. And she's
talking about my Dad and Nana, she knows my
brother's name and even the cat's. So for about
an hour I'm faking it, pretending to know who
they are, getting the tea, until Mum's return
rescues me. At least she knows who this woman is,
and she's pleased!

It was my Auntie Billie and my cousin Francis,
that I hadn't seen for over five years, and who
were supposed to be in Germany, not paying
surprise visits. The funniest thing was when she
said to my Mum "I don't think Wendy recognised us
at first."  

I still don't have a very good memory for faces.


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