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Ven vendersleighc at
Wed Mar 13 19:34:28 EST 2002

Jackie wrote

I also liked this scene because it took another 
step toward humanizing
Boromir, who is rather ... jerky... in the book.

I guess you mean "acts like a jerk" rather than
like a marionette <g>. It's been a longish while
since I read LOTR but, while I thought the film
did present his best side, I also found my
attitudes had changed. I realised that Boromir
does have a point, he's quite sincere in his
beliefs, he just happened to be wrong. It's
because he cannot imagine what the power of the
ring would do to him (unlike Gandalf and
Galadriel ) that he thinks he should have it.
He's just a straightforward, pragmatic guy who's
way out of his depth when it comes to the ethics
of the situation. Much like Isildur I should


And it also helps
explain how they *can* fight later on.  BTW, 
isn't it Merry who
hamstrings the Nazgul?  Pippin is bouncing around

inside, trying to keep
Faramir from getting burned alive... 

For some reason although I knew it was Pippin in
the citadel I was convinced he was outside it

anyway, in the movie they're
kind of hard to tell apart, at least on a first 
viewing.  I had less
trouble on the second viewing.  But I didn't like

how doofus-y their
characters were--they are so much more dignified 
in the book. So it will
be interesting to see if in the next two movies 
they gain maturity or if
they continue to be simple comic relief.

I think they will have to grow up a bit as they
get involved in far grimmer stuff. 


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