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Wed Mar 13 08:09:56 EST 2002

Which Witch, and The Secret of Platform 13 were two of my frist SF/F books!
Along with Wednesday's witch, or Wednewsday's Magic, or something like
that, Half-Magic, Dogsbody, and Charmed Life
>>Bettina wrote:
>>>  Another author I noticed was Eva Ibbotson. Any comments?
>>I believe she wrote "Which Witch?" wch is quite amusing and always reminded
>>me of DWJ (though that may partly be because they were on the same shelf in
>>the library). It's about a warlock trying to find a wife and all the witches
>>battling it out.
>_The Secret of Platform 13_ is fun too.  It has a harpy character
>which gave us a quote-on-the-wall and is immediately recognisable as
>a previous British political leader (illustration on the next page,
>just in case anyone could miss her!).  Quite a few of her kids books
>have recently been republished over here.
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