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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed Mar 13 03:59:19 EST 2002

>At 13:06 12/03/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>>Maybe I'm being paranoid but I'm quite surprised people are happy to reveal
>>their children's names on the list - I thought safety guidance suggested one
>>shouldn't give out that sort of info on publically accessible sites.
>I'm a bit concerned about what you think would happen to the 
>children in question. Do we assume Georgia is not your real name?

No, Georgia is completely correct about the safety guidance on this - 
although things may be different in some countries, of course.  Most 
of the offspring whose names have been given are far too old to be at 
all endangered this way (and Ania's son may be doubly protected by 
her opinion of what children are like <g>).  But having names, ages, 
Mummy's and/or Daddy's name, town or city of dwelling, name of pets, 
even physical descriptions in some cases, together on publically 
accessible sites would not be recommended.

I still feel that it would be far preferable to have the archives 
only searchable to members.


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