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<< 1. At least part of the story has to do with Merlin reawakening in modern
times.  He's very scraggly when he wakes up and doesn't speak English (of

2. The book takes place in England and may well be by a British author,
though that's not certain.

3. There is a scene where one of the young people involved, who is about 12
or 14, uses makeup and clothing to make herself look older so she can get
into the British Museum.

That's what I remember.  Anyone recognize it? >>

Sounds faintly like the first of Susan Cooper's Dark is Rising series. Over 
Sea, Under Stone I think. (Or Maybe the other way around) But I believe 
Merlin is out and about in that series. No waking necessary. I'm probably 
just snagging on reference to the British Museum.

On the other hand, it is more likely to be a similar book called The Sleepers 
which I read about the same time, and that I am pretty damn sure was by Jane 
Louise Curry. If so, it came out in the '70s. Did they have to break into the 
museum to retrieve a bell that they had donated to the collection before they 
realized that they needed it?
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