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Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Tue Mar 12 21:01:51 EST 2002

>and P.S., but there are a number of well-admired writers I simply don't
>comprehend, but *I* would NEVER dismiss them as bad writers because of my
>lack of intelligence.  Like Robertson Davies, who is...sorry, I have just
>not the faintest idea what the point is.  If someone could please explain
>Modern Fiction to me I would be very grateful.

I think these are two separate requests. I love Robertson Davies, but to me 
he is not a typical example of modern (or postmodern for that matter) 
fiction. What book did you try to read? He wrote books in thematic groups, 
and often it takes a whole novel to develop a plot point for another book 
(I'm thinking of the second book of the Cornish trilogy, for example); so I 
guess they can sometimes be a bit intricate and slow-moving. But they have 
lots of great magic and fantasy ideas in them, as well as a wealth of other 
things. I think he was a great scholar, so there is always lots of 
information on obscure things in his books.


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