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Ven vendersleighc at
Tue Mar 12 20:18:11 EST 2002

I said:
> Must be a Brit thing then. Seems to have 
> with male names -- Barry and Terry --> 
> and Tez/Tezza. I've heard Sazza only recently,
> along with Shazza for Sharon.

and Ania replied
I must say that adding -z to abbreviated names is

my pet hate (or one of
them; there are whole words I detest, e.g. 
'titchy' for small, 'tummy'
instead of belly... I could go on). But I pity my

friend's daughter, Kerry,
who's turned into Kez. Why do I hate it so? I do 
not know. But I do.

Because you're a sensitive linguist? or you don't
like hypocoristic language? I do know what you
mean though, personally I hate hearing people
saying "bless." And it was even worse when I
nearly caught the habit. "Tichy" does have a
respectable etymology though -- it's from a music
hall star called Little Tich.


.......... almost everyone is boring some kind of reader 
or other.

Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet

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