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Tue Mar 12 17:11:50 EST 2002

Alex said:

> I teach boys of this age - some are sex-obsessed whereas some 
> really don't like girls that much yet but feel obligd to 
> pretend otherwise in order to fit in with their peers. My 
> brother was certainly obseessed with masturbation and the like 
> at 13 as I remember discussing it with him (I was older). I 
> think that Blade would have been terrified - and so would many
> boys even now!

I agree entirely with Alex-- people differ, even if they're of an age. And the rates at which they reach physical sexual maturity differ. And the rates at which they reach any degree of interest in sex differ even more. And then there's the issue of their own standards-- whether they think it's a good idea to frolick with a complete or comparative stranger. Some believe in waiting for love or for marriage-- I even marred such a one, and he's a peach. :)

Mary Ann

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