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Hoping that (partially) agreeing with Hallie will save me from being
despised for my viewpoints...
Bujold I think is okay.  I must admit I only got through shards of Honor,
found it to be fun but kind of cliche, and she hasn't worked her way back
to the top of my to-read list.  I've been told I should read the Miles
books and that will cause me to fall utterly in love with her.  Perchance,
perchance.  But then I shied away, just because she was getting _so_
McKinley:  I have tried reading blue sword so many times that I actually
belong to a club of people who for the life of us can't get passed the
blasted orange trees.  I've been told just to straight out skip them, but I
feel guilty about skipping parts of books..
Pratchett I adore

>Bujold I like a lot, though maybe not adequately fanatically for some
>- I maintain that it's not my fault and is because of starting with
>_Memory_.  (Only one I could find here at the time.)  I read
>sequentially from there and loved them all, but then had a bit of
>trouble doing fill-ins (_Cordelia's Honour_ only because it was a bit
>of a jar going back to pre-Miles, and _Mirror-Dance_ because it was
>pretty grim, and again difficult to back-track).  I haven't got _The
>Curse of Chalion_ yet for financial reasons only.  And now, of
>course, a book-shop in town seems to have got ALL the Miles books.
>Robin McKinley - I haven't read anything like all of her books, so
>I'll just mention the ones I've read to prove to you what a hopeless
>case I am.  I have had the pleasure already of being the only person
>writing on the list who didn't like _Beauty_, (except Becca!), so I
>can imagine your disbelief at this perfectly. :)  I then tried _Rose
>Daughter_, and finally, in despair, reread _The Blue Sword_ (I'm sure
>I read it ages ago, but couldn't remember it).  After those three, I
>decided it was something constitutional (and clearly genetic).
>Terry Pratchett - Not *totally* out of step on him, thankfully, as I
>love _Good Omens_, really liked _Mort_ and liked a couple of other
>ones too.  But I read a few that I just found totally boring, and
>then mostly stopped getting new ones.  Although I saw _The Truth_
>hardcover and second-hand and cheap so got that and enjoyed it, but
>didn't really love it.

Rebecca D. Ganetzky
"...and do not say that a thing is impossible to understand, for eventually
it will be understood."-Rabbi Hillel

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