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>Eep, sorry Hallie! Hey, at least you've *heard* of them. ;) I mean, I was
>just riffing off Melissa's criterion and thought it was a funny image, but
>as I wrote I was partly thinking of the sort of person who thinks fantasy
>can never have any merit no matter who the author is. My word choice was
>terrible too, on reading that over I see I missed out "either" at the start
>of the list- it looks like I think people have to like *all* of them, when
>in my head it was clearly about how I've found if somebody tries all of them
>and don't like *any*, their taste is so different from mine it's fairly
>likely I won't like any fiction they recommend, and quite likely we won't be
>able to talk about books beyond "Your books suck!" "No they don't, *your*
>books suck!", and thus they are OBviously despicable.

Phew - I'm relieved!

>What other purpose can
>people have in life than to find books for me, after all??

LOL!  Mr. Bennet as an internet book-listee?  If you like _The 
Thief_, remember that I first brought it up as a book rec. here, ok? 
Then I'll have fulfilled enough purpose to justify my life.  (If you 
don't - well, some decade maybe I'll come up with something for you.)

>I'm curious now, though. Clearly you like DWJ, so you are safe from the
>Awful Fate of Despisedness, but what do you find lacking in the one(s) you
>don't like?

You asked, so you are now honour-bound to leap to my defense if 
anyone calls me "dumb" for these opinions, ok? :)

Bujold I like a lot, though maybe not adequately fanatically for some 
- I maintain that it's not my fault and is because of starting with 
_Memory_.  (Only one I could find here at the time.)  I read 
sequentially from there and loved them all, but then had a bit of 
trouble doing fill-ins (_Cordelia's Honour_ only because it was a bit 
of a jar going back to pre-Miles, and _Mirror-Dance_ because it was 
pretty grim, and again difficult to back-track).  I haven't got _The 
Curse of Chalion_ yet for financial reasons only.  And now, of 
course, a book-shop in town seems to have got ALL the Miles books.

Robin McKinley - I haven't read anything like all of her books, so 
I'll just mention the ones I've read to prove to you what a hopeless 
case I am.  I have had the pleasure already of being the only person 
writing on the list who didn't like _Beauty_, (except Becca!), so I 
can imagine your disbelief at this perfectly. :)  I then tried _Rose 
Daughter_, and finally, in despair, reread _The Blue Sword_ (I'm sure 
I read it ages ago, but couldn't remember it).  After those three, I 
decided it was something constitutional (and clearly genetic).

Terry Pratchett - Not *totally* out of step on him, thankfully, as I 
love _Good Omens_, really liked _Mort_ and liked a couple of other 
ones too.  But I read a few that I just found totally boring, and 
then mostly stopped getting new ones.  Although I saw _The Truth_ 
hardcover and second-hand and cheap so got that and enjoyed it, but 
didn't really love it.


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