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Tue Mar 12 14:26:37 EST 2002

Melissa started something...
> I suppose, since I started the game, I could set out some ground
rules for
> keeping the lists from expanding out of control:

<rules snipped>

Okay, my list is based mainly on "whose books will I buy immediately
in hardback if I can possibly scrape the money together?"

DWJ.  Barbara Hambly.  Terry Pratchett.  Neil Gaiman (DRINK!).
And...that's it, actually.  Diane Duane, Robin McKinley and Charles de
Lint all *almost* make it...and Mercedes Lackey used to be on it, but
has gone off in the last few years, IMO (still buy her books, just not
in hardback any more).

Until the sky falls on our heads...

Dorian E. Gray
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"Where-e'er you find 'the cooling western breeze,'
In the next line, it 'whispers through the trees':
If crystal streams 'with pleasing murmurs creep,'
The reader's threaten'd (not in vain) with 'sleep'"
-Alexander Pope, "Essay on Criticism"

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