Re Names, was re Hexwood's, Goon

Ania theania at
Tue Mar 12 14:01:21 EST 2002

er conTROVersy or is that CON-trov-ersy.

The latter properly, the former everywhere. (I believe)
> And how *does* one say Howell? How-well?  Howl? (Oblig. DWJ ref.)
> Sallyo.
Howell comes fr. Hywel. It does have 2 syllables, so How (to rhyme w/ cow)+
Oddly enough it seems that a feature of the local Welsh accent is to add an
epenthetic vowel* to some consonant combinations. My son used to pronounce
oil 'oyell' (short o, like in Brit. stock) and I could imagine he may well
pronounce Howl 'howell'. Was DWJ deliberately playing with sounds there? who
*epenthetic vowel is when one puts in an extra vowel between 2 consonants,
like e. g. the Irish who pronounce film 'fillum'

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