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Alex alex.mb at
Tue Mar 12 13:29:02 EST 2002

> Sally wrote
> Over here Mary does NOT rhym with ferry.
> Mary, fairy, wary, hairy all rhyme
> merry, ferry, kerry, berry all rhyme
> One is AIR the other is ERR
> I have a friend from Rochdale who could make them
> all rhyme, and more besides. He does this little
> routine about Terry from Bury* who went for a
> curry with Barry in his lorry and went on the
> ferry........
> *usually pronounced berry. All vowels except y
> are pronounced a bit like u as in flurry, but not
> quite, it's a Rochdale thing.
> He also does a wicked impersonation of Lisa
> Stansfield, a popstar from Rochdale.

My accent has become more rp over time but I am from Lancashire and 'her
hair' always rhymed...

path still uses a  flat a though - southern friends used to go about me
having a laff in the bath and making it sound ludicrous.


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