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>Browsing around a bookstore I noticed "The lost years of Merlin" by S.
>Barron. Has anyone read them and an opinion to offer?

That should be T.A. Barron.  These were favorites of a young friend of mine
who used to live in our neighborhood.  He (Thomas Barron) has written some
adult fantasy as well.  I haven't read any of the Merlin books, not being
all that thrilled about Arthurian fantasy, but I keep them in mind as books
that I should probably be familiar with someday.

But this reminds me.  I have a book teasing my memory and I cannot remember
the author or the title or even the main plot.  I have been meaning to see
if the erudite folks on this list can help me track it down, so the memory
will stop bugging me.  Here's what I remember:

1. At least part of the story has to do with Merlin reawakening in modern
times.  He's very scraggly when he wakes up and doesn't speak English (of

2. The book takes place in England and may well be by a British author,
though that's not certain.

3. There is a scene where one of the young people involved, who is about 12
or 14, uses makeup and clothing to make herself look older so she can get
into the British Museum.

That's what I remember.  Anyone recognize it?

Melissa Proffitt
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