Spell Coats (was:Re: contrived romantic pairings)

Hemlocke movingcastle at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 12 11:34:29 EST 2002

> >I don't think DWJ is flawless and I don't like all
> her
> >books. 
I agree - I don't find Witch Week particularly
entertaining at all. Boring, in fact. 

 I found Spell Coats extremely boring,
Frankly, I found Spellcoats and Crown of Dalemark the
2 stronger books in the Dalemark Quartet. I thought
she managed to transmit the threat of Kankredin quite
well in the books. It was the other 2 books (Cart &
Cwiddder and Drowned Ammet) that I didn't quite like.
But then, I concede I've read them only once and that
was while I was having flu. Maybe my brain wasn't
working then...


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