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<< But, having said this, I see Fanny, the Sykeses, the "Little Fat
Dad"... and Mig's mum, from Black Maria. >>

Interesting. Particularly given that of all these (and they are all very good 
examples of decent "human" parental figures) Only Mig's mum is the viewpoint 
charater's natural parent. All the others are adoptive parents of the 
viewpoint characters. (And Maree's adoptive mum wasn't bad either.) 

But then we also have Derk and his wife. And, now I think of her, Elda is 
very much in the beautiful, bright and self-confident mode that DWJ viewpoint 
characters gererally so conspicuously AREN'T.

(Side note on another topic; since Awful's actual NAME is Anthea, to name a 
child after Awful would hardly be all THAT much of a penance.)
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