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Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Tue Mar 12 10:28:44 EST 2002

> > > Whose books do I use as a yardstick to judge the good 
> > > taste of other people? 
> >
> >Hee hee. I despise in my heart people who don't like: DWJ, 
> >Robin McKinley, Bujold or Pratchett. 
> Ouch!  Could I maybe suggest a tiny bit of caution with the opinions 
> of other people's opinions flying around here (not just in this 
> post)?  I really wish I didn't have to know that you despised me in 
> your heart, Jennifer.  :)  Does it help that quite a few of the 
> people on your list would be on mine too?  <g>

Eep, sorry Hallie! Hey, at least you've *heard* of them. ;) I mean, I was
just riffing off Melissa's criterion and thought it was a funny image, but
as I wrote I was partly thinking of the sort of person who thinks fantasy
can never have any merit no matter who the author is. My word choice was
terrible too, on reading that over I see I missed out "either" at the start
of the list- it looks like I think people have to like *all* of them, when
in my head it was clearly about how I've found if somebody tries all of them
and don't like *any*, their taste is so different from mine it's fairly
likely I won't like any fiction they recommend, and quite likely we won't be
able to talk about books beyond "Your books suck!" "No they don't, *your*
books suck!", and thus they are OBviously despicable. What other purpose can
people have in life than to find books for me, after all?? 

I'm curious now, though. Clearly you like DWJ, so you are safe from the
Awful Fate of Despisedness, but what do you find lacking in the one(s) you
don't like?
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