Re Names, was re Hexwood's, Goon

Rebecca Ganetzky rganetzk at
Tue Mar 12 08:41:58 EST 2002

>> Sally wrote
>> Over here Mary does NOT rhym with ferry.
>I know people who pronounce all of Mary, merry and marry identically -
>that's what they say, not my interpretation of their accent. I also assume
>they could include Murray in that list. THe ones I know are from the US
I don't say Murray that way, but I've only heard one pronounciation for
Mary/merry/marry in the U.S. at least.  I have a slight affected accent so
they come out slightly differently, but the pronounciation I've always
heard the same...says the U.S. midwesterner, dunno, how else would people
pronounce them?

Rebecca D. Ganetzky
"...and do not say that a thing is impossible to understand, for eventually
it will be understood."-Rabbi Hillel

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