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> 5.  If you want to include an explanation of the criteria you used to
> your list, that would be a lot of fun, I think.
> Whose books do I use as a yardstick to judge the good taste of other

Hee hee. I despise in my heart people who don't like: DWJ, Robin McKinley,
Bujold or Pratchett. 
I also have a very-nearly-best-ever list, of people who have written books I
love and also ones I just like, or where I've only read one or two of theirs
so I don't know how their whole oeuvre is. Garth Nix, Diane Duane, Sharon
Lee and Steve Miller, Wrede, Barry Hughart, Pamela Dean, Caroline Stevermer,
le Guin, Sherri Tepper, Cherryh, Neil Gaiman, Lord Dunsany, Willis. 
(OK, that's 17 in all, 18 if you count Lee and Miller as separate authors
even though they collaborate, but when I tried to cut down my second list I
heard the books on my shelves protesting.) (12 are women. I wonder what that
Why? Um. People who are worth re-reading, not just once but often- who I
haven't grown out of, even if I see more flaws than when I first read them.
People whose books I buy without reading them first. People who write books
that *live*. What makes that happen, for me, seems to be the world and the
characters. If the plot is really clunky or contrived, I notice and it puts
me off, but if the place or the people aren't real, if they don't pull me
in, the book is just a collection of pages. Some of the ones above write
strange, enchanted books and some are down-to-earth (or down-to-Barrayar)
but they are all *true*.

Let's see... Nix, Dean and Stevermer I tried because of recs from this list,
and several of the others were recommended here as well as elsewhere so my
decision to try them was strengthened. Also some others not on the lists,
but which I'm glad I read. Thank you. 
(All right, all right, I've ordered The Thief... I'll go bankrupt buying
books and then you'll all be sorry.)
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