Do you know these books?

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Tue Mar 12 06:13:56 EST 2002

> Browsing around a bookstore I noticed "The lost years of Merlin" by S.
> Barron. Has anyone read them and an opinion to offer?

I actually have one of these. My editor sent it to me (after my own "knight"
book was written, I hasten to add) as an example of how one author handled
mock knightly dialogue. Haven't read it yet...

> Another author I noticed was Eva Ibbotson. Any comments?

She writes two totally different styles. Rather yuck black comedies for kids
(fantasy) and delightful romances for adults. She has also recently produced
a third style, in a children's book that uses some of her adult style.
Journey to the River Sea. A nice book, romantic and warm, though some
unpleasant things do happen to the heroine. She's a very literate writer,
well educated and highly intelligent, I would say.

> And I recently read The Other Side of Silence (about the girl who stopped
> talking and is climbing in the trees) by M. Mahy.

Ah yes, I have that one! Not one of her best - I forgot to add Mahy to the
list of favourite fantasy sf writers today. Her Changeover is one of the
very best fantasies I've read. How *did* I forget it?


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