Do you know these books?

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Tue Mar 12 05:56:46 EST 2002

Browsing around a bookstore I noticed "The lost years of Merlin" by S.
Barron. Has anyone read them and an opinion to offer?

Another author I noticed was Eva Ibbotson. Any comments?

And I recently read The Other Side of Silence (about the girl who stopped
talking and is climbing in the trees) by M. Mahy, which resonated to another
book I read as a teenager. And it really bugs me that I can't remember the
title or author. The connecting point is not the "real" story, but the
"imagined". The book I'm looking for had also to do with birds, the Jorinda and
Joringel theme, and either killing off all the birds or the cats (?), it was somehow
sad and left a sense of longing, and a boy was crippled in the book. All
very vague, I know, but maybe it strikes a chord with someone here.

Now for something completely different: Sometime ago someone mentioned a
film / play in which some acting group is doing a Gilbert&Sullivan opera. Can
anyone tell me the title or remebers the time/thread it was discussed.

Thanks a lot!


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