Names, Was: Hexwood's Goon

Elizabeth Parks mep3 at
Tue Mar 12 05:50:21 EST 2002

Robyn wrote:

 I can't help
but think of that scene in Anne of Green Gables where there is that
terrible joke about the price of a virtuous woman.


I've always been more disturbed by the fact that Ruby in Anne of Green
Gables died of consumption.  To me the name has this feel of wasting
away--of a person with a sickly brilliant beauty rotting away from the
inside.  I have a disturbingly strong image of it as this.

as for the whole virtuous woman thing--I don't remember that from Anne
specifically--but it's a fairly common phrase that's always annoyed me.
All that crap about women being worth stuff. . . like the thing about
Caesar's wife is above suspicion/reproach/whatever--always makes me
annoyed because Caesar (pick one, any one) sure wasn't.



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