Revered authors (again)

Satu S Hlinovsky skanervi at
Tue Mar 12 01:43:18 EST 2002

Another "short" list - in no particular order, because arranging those
authors would probably take forever...

Willis, Sagan, Jones, Beagle, Bujold, Wrede, Tom Holt, Powers, Neal
Stephensson, Michael Marshal Smith, Tepper, Duncan, Flewlling, Kay,
Martin, Tolkien, Jane Lindskold, Diane Duane, Pullman, Astrid Lindgren,
Vikram Seth, Gaiman, O.S. Card, Heinlein, Daniel Keyes, Sleator, Kirill
Bulytsev... and of the really ancient ones: Shakespeare.

These names probably include some you've never heard of, but I'm happy to
provide more info (if I can - some of these are largely unknown and/or
have only written one book that I know of). They all have written book(s)
that I believe majority of the listees would like. If you want a set of
recommendations, all you need to do is ask.

- Satu

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