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Sally Odgers sodgers at
Tue Mar 12 01:30:10 EST 2002

> I suppose, since I started the game, I could set out some ground rules for
> keeping the lists from expanding out of control:

DWJ (because though I don't love *all* her books, she's hit my Top 20 more
times than any other living author. )
Sally Rogers-Davidson. (Just two books, but *Polymer* is a top favourite.)
Elizabeth Marie Pope. (Just two books, but one of them is a top favourite.)
Barbara Michaels (whose books I never fail to enjoy, though they're
guiltyish pleasures.)

Almost all authors of my other big favourites have let me down somehow or
sometime - by producing something I've hated which has sometimes put me off
them for good. Others I enjoy, but am a bit lukish warm about, or haven;t
read enough of to be sure etc etc.


Oh, and of course I'd better include me. It would be false modesty to say I
don't enjoy my own books of the genre, because I have a captive author in my
head who writes what I enjoy. When she's allowed.

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