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Tue Mar 12 01:28:08 EST 2002

Lizzie wrote:

> Okay, I sort of misquoted my friend earlier, so I went and asked her again
> about the name Elizabeth--so here's what she tells me.  Her chosen
> translation is "God is an Oath (by which one swears)" and references
> Isaiah 19:18, Amos 8:14, and Zephaniah 1:5.  Elizabeth was also the wife
> of Aaron in Exodus 6:23.  And then she's got it written in both Greek and
> Hebrew for me, but short of wingdings I don't think I can manage that :)
> When I left out the 'i' in Elizabeth earlier it was mostly because I was
> lazy--I just wanted to make sure that you all knew that my friend Penny is
> utterly briliant at all this stuff--what she said about my name was more
> along the lines of, there's nothing that makes it god is _my_ oath--which
> was the definition given in my "A World of Baby Names" by Teresa Norman.

As far as my knowledge of Hebrew goes, I agree with what Rebecca wrote:
there is a possessive ending that denotes "my" here. "El" means "god"
(either with a small or capital "g"), and the "i" is the possessive form
that means "my". So "eli" means "my god". (There's even a song called "Eli"
that means just that: "My God".)
BTW, I'm not trying to imply that your friend is not brilliant--just feel
the need to be accurate. It's not worth arguing over, though. :-)


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